We foster healthy brain development by providing ample opportunities for experiencing life. Our indoor and outdoor areas are equipped with developmentally appropriate games and activities, which enhance children's imagination, thinking, hand-eye coordination, etc.

A core value of our establishment is to attend to children's emotional needs and social behavior. We teach social skills and conflict resolution. Our method focuses on bully proofing and not becoming a victim of bullying. We encourage relating to other children and cooperative play. We promote children's problem-solving abilities. We practice mindfulness with our children.

Awareness integration


Social-emotional development

Our Philosophy

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physical development

We teach reading, writing, math, and science through play and experimental practices. We instill love of learning with fun and engaging activities and encourage artistic expression. We build trust in the school system and the staff by providing one-on-one time with children as well as teaching them how to learn individually and as a team.

We teach awareness of feeling, thinking, behavior and the impact it has on ourselves and the world around us. We help children process their emotions and thoughts and we teach them techniques to release them in the moment. These techniques alter the impact, which ultimately increase children's self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-confidence, and compassion and empathy for others.

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cognitive Development

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Our outdoor area is designed for children to build their physical strength. Children are provided with opportunities such as bike riding, climbing, and hanging from monkey bars to develop their gross motor skills. Indoor activities such as playdough, arts and crafts, and building blocks help develop fine motor skills.

We help children acquire oral language skills by storytelling, story reading aloud, and puppet play, as well as written language through puzzles and drawing games. We work one-on-one with our children based on their strengths and abilities. We promote bilingualism by encouraging children to learn a second language.

Language development