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To bring up the inner artist in children, we experiment with different art materials and mediums daily. Sometimes we collect rocks and leaves and create an art piece and sometimes we just use paper and glue and make masks.

Children learn to be compassionate, caring, and responsible by taking care of animals and the organic garden. Once a month we watch circle of life of insects such as caterpillars turning into butterflies in front of our eyes. We feed the birdsthe squirrels and the fish every day. 

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Children's music plays all day long in our facility. Children express themselves by singing, dancing, playing instruments and humming. We use music as the means to teach different subjects.  

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We ensure that children get enough time outdoors to enjoy the sun and the nature. They are free to explore and play with sand and water, on the swings and slide, ride the bikes and play ball. 

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We read stories and books of children's choosing on a daily basis. We also play with alphabet puzzles and magnets. Children use the white board and black board to exercise their reading and writing skills. 

Children use their imagination to produce puppet shows or perform dramatic performances. They dress up to become heroes or princesses, whatever their imagination asks for. 

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